Marthammor Duin

Marthammor Duin: Finder of Trails.

The Watcher over Wanderers is the protector of dwarves who make their lives in human society in the North, rather than keeping to mountains or deep-delve enclaves. He is the patron of adventurers and explorers, allowing them to find escape routes or leading them to victory in their travels. He also watches over dwarven craftmen of any good alignment, keeping their homes and person safe.

Ethos: The safe guidance and guardianship of Wanderer dwarves, and all dwarves who must wander the wilds, particularly above ground. Priests of Marthammor make marked trails in the wilderness northlands of the Realms. They also establish way-caches of the food and supplies. They patrol these ways, healing and guiding dwarves they meet, providing a warm fire, a warm meal, and companionship to the exhausted, lonely, lost, or hurt of any faith or dwarven race.

“Help however you can, give all that is needful.”

Priests will work with healers and priests of all races to help dwarves, allies, and companions of dwarves. While they generally do not accompany adventurers, they are in a sense adventurers themselves, often fighting monsters, discovering ruins, and facing the same perils that adventurers do.

Marthammor Duin