Dwarves are a short, stocky people who seem to be a part of the earth itself, ranging in shade and hue from a rich earth-red to a granite-stone grey. Dour and with a strong distrust of magic beyond that which a magical axe can lend they tend to be a withdrawn sullen people.

Like the elves, the Dwarves are a people whose numbers have been dwindling. In their case the overall population has been declining since the days when dragons controlled the lands of Cormyr, and the sunrise mountains still spouted fire and steam. The reason for the decline has been twofold: For ages the Dwarves have engaged in border wars against other races, such as orcs and goblins who have sought out the same caverns and mines the dwarves consider their homes. In those ancient days a live orc was competition for both treasure and living space. Unlike the goblin races, however, the Dwarves were slow to recuperate their losses, and in time their numbers have diminished sufficiently that in other millennium the Dwarf my join other forgotten races in extinction in the realms.

The sense of racial loss hits the Dwarves deeply, and they tend to be melancholy and defeatist, yet just as often throwing themselves into their work, be it crafting blades or seeking adventure. As an additional sense of their loss and danger as a race, most dwarves remain secretive about their homelands, and the small kingdoms are known only in a general fashion.